(ENG) Guide Monthly Sales Report

Here we show you how to fill out the monthly sales report.


To fill in the Sales Report we have made a template. The template is generic, so it fits whether you use MobilePay, Zettle, Klikbook, Stripe, Paypal, Paylike, YourPay, Boambora ... You name it.

The example in the guide

This guide is based on a company that has MobilePay and Bamboro as payment solutions. These must be included in the same sales report . 

Step 1

  • Download and open the Excel Sales Template file.xlsx.
  • In addition, your payment solution will open in your browser. In this case, we have added the figures for Mobilepay and Bombora together, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 1 (MobilePay image): Page with total transfers / withdrawals from MobilePay.

Figure 2 (Bambora image): Page with the Total of monthly transfers / disbursements from Bambora..

Step 2

From here, read the values ​​from the Statements from the sales report. Here we have MobilePay Image and Bambora Image. The values ​​must be transferred to the Template, as seen below in Figure 3.

  1. In the field by Arrow-1 in the Template, "Totalt Salg" from MobilePay image has been inserted together with "Revenues in the period", ie the field by Arrow-2 on the Bambora image.
    1. Calculations are: 14,339kr. + 10,050kr. = 24,389kr.
  2. In the field by Arrow-2 in the Template, the part of the sale that is VAT has been inserted. In this case, all our sales are with VAT.
    1. The calculations are: 24,389kr.  * 20% = 4877.80.
  3. In the field by Arrow-3 in the Template, negative numbers have been inserted because they are expenses. "Gebyrer" from the MobilePay image are added to the field at Arrow-2 on the Bambora image, ie "Transaktionsgebyr Babora Grow".
      1. Calculations are: (-62.5 kr.) + (-299 kr.) = -361.5kr.

        MobilyPay and Bambora Sales Report (1)
  4. In the field at Arrow-4 in the Template, a "Trådløs Terminall" has been inserted from the MobilePay image of 250kr. in total, together with -62.5kr. from "Moms 25%" from the field at Arrow-4 on the Bambora image.
    1. The calculation is: (-62.5 kr) + (-250 kr) = -312.5 kr.
  5. In the field at Arrow-5 in the Template, we insert the VAT read from the field at Arrow-4 on the Bambora picture at - DKK 62.5.

Now we have finished filling out the Sales Report and have entered the info that we have available. It is ok that there are blank fields as the template is generic for multiple payment solutions, multiple business types in different markets.

Step 3

  1. Press File in Excel. Press "Gem Som" at Arrow 1.
  2. Click here to get the list.
  3. Press PDF.
  4. Press "Gem". Now you have a PDF and this must be uploaded here: 

Upload Monthly Sales Report


If you have questions about filling out the Sales Report, you are welcome to contact us on the chat, phone 78 77 33 66 or at hello@meneto.com