(ENG) Set up your VAT integration to SKAT

In Meneto, you now have the opportunity to integrate your accounts with SKAT, so you can automatically report your VAT and keep up to date with your VAT accounts. Read here how to set it up.


  • Login into your Meneto User
  • Click Reports
  • Click VAT Settlements

Guide Billede 1 (uden logo)

    • Click Create Connection

    Billede guide 2 (uden logo)

    • Click Create connection in the box that appeared
    • You will now be sent to TastSelv Erhverv on skat.dk.

    Guide billede 3

    When you enter TastSelv Erhverv, you can allow access to Meneto / Billy. Here's how::

    1. Inside TastSelv Erhverv, click on Profil
    2. Click  "Rettigheder til TastSelv"
    3. Click Autoriser revisor m.fl.
    4. Choose NemVirksomhed - adgang for regnskabssystemudbyder 
    5. Click the little blue square with a white arrow.
    6. Write 33239106
    7. Click the little blue square with a white arrow. 
    8. Write a date where you want the accounting access to expire. 
    9. Click Gem

    If you cant choose "NemVirksomhed - adgang for regnskabssystemudbyder." is here some options to try, according to Skat.dk
    a. Check if you allready have given that perticular permission to anohter accouting company. It is oonly possible to give 1 company that permission. 
    b. Check if your company is registered for VAT. You can check this here:  Momsnumre - skat.dk
    c. You can call the +45 72 38 04 00: ”Rettighed og adgangs til sig selv”- department at skat.dk, if option a and option b didnt sort out the problem.

    Guide billede 4

    Now you have linked your accounts in Meneto with SKAT, and your browser should now show the same as the picture beneath.

    Guide BIllede 5

    If you have questions about our VAT integration with SKAT, you are welcome to contact us on the chat, phone on 78 77 33 66 or at hello@meneto.com